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   Hangzhou Xute Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd(Mingda Glass). is a large-scale enterprise specializing in processing and installing glass. our products are exported overeas due to superior geographical location and the convenient transportation. Boasting a high quality technical team,we have abopted intemationally advanced production technologies and equipments. Our Factory offers an impressive range of tempered glass products,which are widely used in building,bathroom,furniture,electrical appliances and other industries .In addition ,We output a  line of shower enclosure for home and hotel use.We aim to supply top quality and carious of glass products to our discerning and respectable customer.

People need people.
To talk with.
To laugh with.
To live with.

But people also need somewhere private.
To rejuvenate themselves.
To refresh themselves.
To recharge their batteries.

A place exactly how they want it, somewhere to nourish body and soul. Away from the daily life. The perfect spot. A place to rediscover oneself. A place for the soul.

We believe that Xute showers offers these special attributes. Somewhere to which people can retreat, take a step back from the everyday and recharge their batteries. We see it as our business to support you in the design of your dream shower. That perfect private place for you and your soul.