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Bespoke Options

The Glass by Xute  range has been designed to allow the ultimate flexibility and choice within our standard range, with endless bespoke possibilities.
All enclosures have been beautifully designed using only the best of materials.
For awkward spaces, Glass by Xute has the capability to cut Inline panels and Side Panels to almost any shape and size. Pricing on application.

Dwarf Wall, Notch & Angle Cut





Features & Fixings

Features and fixtures of Bespoke enclosures and Bespoke Wetroom/Panels -please see individual products for details. These include handle options and stabilising bars.




Stabilising Bars



Wall & Floor Fixings
Glass by Xute offer a choice of floor and wall fixings – from recessed to extra adjustment wall profiles. Pricing on application.

Wall Fixings

Floor Fixings

UV Bonding
Frameless Glass by Xute just became even better. Xute now offer an expert service in UV Bonding – a technique which is applied where glass meets glass.
Two pieces of glass are bonded together using a specialist UV technology and the result is a clear bond that is stronger than the glass itself – resulting in optically clear, perfect joints every time.
Glass by Xute  have a team of highly trained professionals in this technology and this process will be done in situ by our expert installers. Due to the scale of the height and weight of these enclosures, we are one of the few companies who can carry out this process on site.
The benefit of this high tech process is that it gives your shower enclosure a seamless look and feel, free from corner brackets. UV bonding can be used on standard, Satin, Opti-White and Smoked Black glass. Please specify when ordering if you require UV Bonding. Pricing on application.


UV Bonding