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General assembly of members

未标题-1.jpgHubo is a 100% Belgian organisation with more than 130 stores across the country. Hubo holds a strong 2nd ranking in the DIY sector and has become a household name over the years. Hubo focuses on the DIY market with an extensive and high-quality selection of brand-name products. Hubo's store selection has approximately 25,000 DIY products and accessories for inside and around the house. The DIY stores are between 1,000 m2 and more than 3,000 m2 in area. Hubo has a varied client base of consumer DIYers, including both the occasional hobbyist with limited needs to the ambitious and driven intensive DIY handyman. Hubo has become a member of XUTE in 2006. www.hubo.be

Turnover: €550 000 000

Number of stores: 137

未标题-2.jpgByggmax is a discount retailer in the building materials trade in the Nordic region. Byggmax has long held a strong market position in the Swedish DIY market and proved, through the launches in Norway in 2007 and Finland in 2008, that the concept can be successfully established in other markets. Since its establishment in 1993, Byggmax has opened more than 100 stores in the above countries. Byggmaxx aims to continue its profitable growth by expanding the chain of stores in existing markets, improving operational management and constantly driving business development forward. www.byggmax.com

Turnover: €390 000 000

Number of stores: 112

3.jpgBauhof opened the first home improvement store in 2002 and was the first to present a new "do it yourself – DIY" concept on the Estonian market. Presently Bauhof employs close to 500 people and operates 13 stores based on the international DIY concept. Attractive price level, the best product range, fast service and convenient store locations with free parking, make Bauhof a pleasant place of purchase for the private and business customer. In addition to the professional product selection, Bauhof provides its customers an inspirational shopping environment and products with the best price. Bauhof's vision is to be the leader of a new and inspiring trade culture and to be the most preferred and efficient retail business in Estonian construction, gardening and home products market. Bauhof's mission is to make buying construction materials and gardening goods easy. At present, Bauhof holds the market leader position in Estonia. www.bauhof.ee

Turnover: €80 800 000

Number of stores: 13

4.jpgBricoking is currently the first Spanish chain of distribution and sale of DIY. It has 22 stores located throughout the country employing over 350 people with a commercial area of, approximately, 50.000 square meter. Specifically, Bricoking is already settled in the regions of Castilla-Leon, Castilla-La Mancha, Cataluña, Valencia, Andalucia, Islas Canarias and Galicia. Bricoking has experienced a significant growth since 1996 when the first Bricoking store was opened. The most important characteristics of Bricoking are its wide range of products, reaching more than 25.000 references, a firm commitment to care and counseling to the client and, of course, the proximity of the stores to the places where its public is settled. www.bricoking.es

Turnover: €40 200 000

Number of stores: 22

5.jpgByko is Icelands leading hardware retail and building material supplier both to home owners and professionals in the building industry. It operates six stores in Iceland. Byko's flagship store is located in the greater Reykjavik Area , where more than half of the nation's inhabitants reside. Byko's stores are ideally located in different parts of the country to meet the requirements of professionals and DIY enthusiast alike. www.byko.is

Turnover: €79 610 000 

Number of stores: 6

6.jpgNational Hardware Ireland Ltd was formed in 1965 as a buying group for independent hardware merchants in Ireland. Shortly thereafter the ARRO retail symbol brand was established and we now have 26 stores throughout the country. In June 2009, a Joint Venture company was established between National Hardware Limited and Associated Hardware Limited combing the purchasing power of both companies and called United Hardware. There are two symbol retail brands in the group now, ARRO and Homevalue catering for both the d.i.y. and builders' merchants business. The combined turnover for the United Hardware Group is circa €100m for 2013. The retail stores are serviced from a central warehouse comprising 85,000 square feet on a six acre site. We have developed a number of own brand ranges including the Home Collection and Garden Collection brands and Oakland Barbeques. We represent several international brands including Unger, Big Cheese and Ecofrego. Our vision is to help each retail hardware member to be the best hardware retailer in their local area, and, at the same time, to develop and protect their interests nationally.  www.arro.ie

Turnover: €41 000 000

Number of stores: 34


Turnover: €26 000 000

Number of stores: 16

8.jpgMoroccan Bricoma was established in Casablanca in 2004 and currently runs 9 stores with a total sales area of 21.000sqm (average sales area of 3.000sqm) and 30.000SKU's per store. The independant DIY retail group has more store openings scheduled for 2015-2016 and now employs 700 employees.  www.bricoma.ma

Turnover: €50 000 000           Number of stores: 9