Glass Shower Door With Tempered Glass

Reversible for left or right swing Fits openings up to 91.44cm wide Avaliable in 195cm stand ard heights 6mm tempered safery glass with polished edges INSTALLATION NOTES : Unpack your unit carefully and inspect for freight damage. Lay out and identify all parts using the instruction sheet as a...

Product Details

Reversible for left or right swing

Fits openings up to  91.44cm  wide 

Avaliable in 195cm  stand ard heights

6mm tempered  safery glass with polished edges



INSTALLATION NOTES: Unpack your unit carefully and inspect for freight damage. Lay out and identify all parts using the instruction sheet as a reference. Before discarding the carton, check to see that no small hardware parts have fallen to the bottom of the box. If any parts are damaged or missing, refer to the descriptions noted in the instructions when contacting your dealer for replacements. Handle the glass panel(s) carefully and protect the edges. Please wear safety glasses whenever drilling or cutting. When drilling holes in ceramic tile or marble, use a center punch and hammer to carefully break the surface glaze so the drill bit can start without skidding. To install your BASCO Shower Door you will need the following: tape measure, level(s), #2 Phillips screwdriver, drill, 1/8” & 3/16” High Speed Steel drill bits, hacksaw, pencil, sharp knife or razor blade and caulking (clear, mildew resistant silicone recommended). Optional tools include a miter box for cutting metal parts, file, center punch and masking tape. An additional 3/16” Masonry drill bit is recommended for tiled applications. The door is best installed with two people

NOTE: Tempered glass cannot be cut.

Although safety tempered glass is very resistant to breakage, the glass can still break if unequal

pressure is placed on it during installation. Use caution! In addition, the sharp corners of the

panel can damage tile and floor surfaces, so its best to handle the glass panels carefully and

protect the edges.

MAINTENANCE: Two primary materials are used to manufacture your new Xute  Shower

Enclosure: tempered glass and anodized aluminum. To assure a long lasting finish on the enclosure,

wipe it down with a towel after each use. Never use a scouring pad/agent to clean the aluminum.

For occasional, more concentrated cleaning efforts, we recommend using Xute™ Non-Abrasive

Bathroom Cleaner works extremely well. Be sure that any over spray falling on the aluminum frame

is rinsed thoroughly and dried. Many over-the-counter cleaners, if applied to aluminum and left on,

will harm the finish and cause permanent damage, even though their directions indicate safe use on

shower doors. For more care and cleaning information, please visit our website;

For glass treated with XUTE ™, read the following instructions:

After each use of your shower, use a small plastic bowl, pitcher or a hand held shower head to spray

the shower doors with clean cold water. Pour or spray the cold water along the top edge of the glass.

The majority of the shower’s soapy residual water will drain off. Use a small hand towel to pat dry

the remaining droplets or use a squegee to clear the droplets.

Once a month, use a nylon sponge to go over the wet glass, rubbing in a circular motion. You should

feel “sticky” places going back to slick again. Then pour water along the top edge of the glass, as you

do after each shower use. 








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