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Bathroom door maintenance skills

Sep 09, 2017

Bathroom door maintenance skills

Taking into account the bathroom is relatively humid home, so in the selection must pay special attention. When you buy the bathroom door, you must pay attention to maintenance work, so that it can extend its life.

TOP1: sheet selection is the key

A good board can extend the service life of wooden doors. To choose quality bathroom door, the main materials can not be sloppy.

Warm prompt: choose wooden plank, not only waterproof, moisture-proof, but also in line with the national E1 standards. In compliance with these standards of wooden doors, is qualified, environmentally friendly wooden doors.

TOP2: the installation process should be in place

When installing the bathroom door, it is necessary to dig holes in the wooden door surface, and the multifunctional edge banding adhesive tape can tightly bind the cutting edge of the plate, so as to play a better waterproof and dampproof function.

Reminder: choosing the bathroom door is only the first step. Water vapor is pervasive, and want to completely waterproof, should try to choose a professional brand, from all aspects of waterproof, moisture-proof.

TOP3: the subtleties are observed

Choose bathroom doors must pay attention to details, such as unmanned design, which is the key factor in the success of wooden doors.

Warm prompt: when choosing the wooden door, must not let go of the small part, whether the wooden door manufacture is specialized, can observe the detail through the observation to be able to know fairly well.

TOP4: back protection is very important

When choosing the bathroom door, be sure to pay attention to the back of the door. The back panel with double-layer decorative veneer can completely avoid the exposure of the density board material and make the water vapor no longer have the opportunity to enter the plate from the back of the cabinet body, and is a good waterproof and moistureproof assistant.

Warm tip: the back panel is not only waterproof, but also one of the key factors to prolong the life of the wooden door.

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