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Bathroom door maintenance skills sharing

Sep 09, 2017

Bathroom door maintenance skills sharing

With the increasing demand for the home environment, the bathroom decoration materials are no longer just metal, ceramic tile, wooden devices have begun to appear in the bathroom. For example, the bathroom doors, bathroom doors now become the first choice decoration. Although the decorative effect beautiful, but do not forget the bathroom door wooden routine maintenance. Here's a look at the bathroom door maintenance skills, what?

Skills a, plate selection is critical

The plate is the key to choose the doors of maintenance, good can prolong the service life of the wooden board, want to choose the good bathroom doors, must pay attention to these two points, one is to choose the wooden door plate is to be waterproof, two is in line with the national standard E1 environmental protection material is the key to protect the health of their families.

Skill two, back protection should be done well

In choosing the bathroom door, you must pay attention to the details on the back. The back panel is not only waterproof, but also prolong the life of the wooden door protection god. Therefore, the choice of double decorative veneer panels can completely avoid the density board substrate exposed, the water no longer have the opportunity to enter the plate from the back of the cabinet, waterproof and moistureproof good helper.

Technique three, internal space should not be neglected

As the water in the bathroom will often stained on the door, soaked wooden doors, resulting in the use of bathroom doors after a period of time, the panel began to deform, affecting the overall beauty.

Skills four, the installation process should be in place

In order to do a good job in the maintenance of the bathroom door, when installing the bathroom door, we should pay attention to cutting holes on the surface of the wooden door. The multifunctional edge banding adhesive tape can tightly wrap the edges of the cutting edges of the plate and play a better role of waterproof and dampproof.

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