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Bathroom how to install

Jun 19, 2015

Design simple and practical shower in bathroom, has become a fashionable, modern people's pursuit of living facilities, shower attention. In the shower room shower is safe, shower installations is crucial, how do we judge the shower installation in accordance with the standards, I believe many of my friends are not clear, let Angel poems shower partition to take you to get to know about it!

Shower installation should pay attention to the following points:

1, shower room size of pre-embedded holes should be in the toilet before the unfinished design;

2, installed water supply systems and stamped tiles, the best choice for custom shower room;

3, leakage protection switch wiring devices should be considered before installation in the shower room to avoid rework;

4, shower room designs according to the bathroom layout, and common type of corner and a font;

5, when you install the shower should be installed strictly in accordance with the Assembly;

6, shower room must be connected with the building firm, unable to shake;

7, open shower room have to use expansion bolts, hollow wall fixing, and non-draining, water tray memory not more than 500 g;

8, shower rooms overall appearance is clean and light you want after the installation, open the door and sliding door either parallel or perpendicular to each other, zygomorphic, sliding door to open and close smoothly, no gap, no 滲 water, shower room and trays with silicone sealing.