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How about the whole shower room? Advantages and disadvantages of the whole shower room

May 13, 2017

How about the whole shower room? Advantages and disadvantages of the whole shower room

In modern life, with the constant demand for more bath, some people put forward an independent bath space, so there is a product called the whole shower room. The whole shower room is convenient for us, various uses and space saving. For the overall shower room price, this depends on the overall shower room grade. At present, the overall price of high-grade shower rooms is generally between forty thousand and one hundred thousand, while the average shower room is between four thousand and eleven thousand. We can choose according to their own needs to choose the price they need.



Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the whole shower room:

1. easy to install. The whole shower room is an advantage of the installation is convenient, the whole process without trouble process too much, the whole shower room can be directly installed and used, as long as the use of pipe can be conveniently, thus reducing resources waste.

2., diverse functions. The whole shower room is not only the overall appearance is very stylish, but also can be said to be more refined, and the shower room inside has many functions, such as bathing, massage, sauna, shower room, luxurious and computer control, can realize the surfing, steam and enjoy the feast of music, while listening to music while bathing really enjoy.

3. less flexibility. The whole shower room because it has many functions, so the overall design is more complex, which has lost some of the flexibility in size is relatively large, it is for the elderly and children living in trouble, and even cause some damage in the process of use in the shower room.

4., higher prices. The whole shower room can be said to be a product of the times, people's wisdom and innovative results, is also a kind of Home Furnishing high-end equipment, so the price is high, not suitable for low level Home Furnishing, and the whole shower room is generally not made at the time of installation, also must rely on the toilet to install.

Comparison of the classification of common shower rooms

According to the design of the different, divided into: vertical angle shower room, a zigzag bath screen, bath bath screen.

1. vertical angle shower room: from the shape of a square, arc, diamond shape, to the structure of sliding doors, folding doors, rotating doors, etc., in order to enter the overall shower room, there are angle to enter or single access.

2., a zigzag bath screen: some room width for the overall shower room is narrower, or have bath position, but the head of the household and do not want to use the bathtub and shower screen, more use a zigzag shower screen.

3. bath bath screen: General bath with a word shape shortened, or full fold more common.

Vertical angle type shower room

Structure: from the shape, there are square, arc, diamond shape. The structure is divided into sliding door, folding door, rotating shaft door, etc. in the way of entry, there is an angle entry and a single entry type. Advantages: angle to enter, the biggest feature is that you can better use of limited bathroom area, expanding utilization. Disadvantages: relatively small, the lack of circulation of air.

One bath screen

Structure: installed in the bathroom between the wall, a part of the shower space. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient structure, and is suitable for a bathroom with a narrow width. Disadvantages: the shower screen lacks support and can not be pushed and pulled with great force.

Bath screen in bathtub

Structure: the general bathtub with a word shaped shortened, or full folding form is more common. Advantages: strong bath and bath two requirements. Disadvantages: installation costs are very high, it is not cost-effective.

Shower room size planning

According to the size of Asians, suitable for the purchase of 90 cm x 90 cm above the shower room, too small will appear space is narrow, limbs difficult to stretch.

And in the area of size, the same is 90 cm x 90 cm specifications, "L" shape of the area than the arc of the area to be larger. Consumers in the purchase, according to personal preferences and the actual situation in the bathroom.

In addition, a word shaped floor shower door and a zigzag bath, shower door is also more common. Because the construction is relatively simple, so the price is relatively cheap. In size and size, a zigzag shower door is flexible and can be customized according to the size of the bath or the length of the bathtub.

Overall shower room material selection

1 by the design force structure should be reasonable, flow lines smooth and bright, close movement better performance fine, the moving parts of the surface quality and assembly.

2., the main framework of aluminum alloy thickness is best at more than 1.1mm. Check whether the ball bearings are flexible, whether the door is open and easy, and whether the frame is made of stainless steel screws.

3. overall chassis, belt cylinder, high basin and low basin two. With cylinder type, can seat, suitable for families with old and small children. Can also use a tank, laundry, water and so on, but to bend down when you clean. Low pot, simple, inexpensive. The chassis is made of diamond as the most solid.

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