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Shower cleaning maintenance

Jun 19, 2015

In order to prolong the service life of the shower room, reduce the occurrence of dangerous, maintenance is the key. Clean is the first step in shower room maintenance, the shower how to clean? Let us out.

1, daily cleaning use a soft dry cloth to avoid scratching the glass;

2, push-pull type shower room, should pay attention to the maintenance of for pulley, avoid hard impact activities, regularly clean the pulley, slide, slide, and lubrication;

3, if the aluminum surface stains, wipe with a neutral detergent soluble with water.

4, do not use acid and alkaline solvents, chemicals (hydrochloric acid), acetone thinner, solvents, scouring powder, clean shower, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on the human body, and could result in some adverse situations.

5, do not use sharp objects hit or knock against the shower room floor surfaces to avoid damage.