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What are the characteristics of the shower room with tempered glass?

Feb 16, 2018

What are the characteristics of the shower room with tempered glass?

Glass is an important material for shower rooms. As shower rooms have entered the domestic market since the 1990s, major changes have taken place. From the first ordinary glass, tempered glass, to toughened glass, and nowadays, much attention has been paid to laminated glass. Have witnessed the continuous upgrading of shower room product process, ordinary glass fragile, large debris. Easy to cut people, tempered glass although the national standard of safety glass, but the drawbacks of tempered glass can not be ruled out, broken glass fragments still threaten personal safety.

Laminated glass is the safest glass to make shower room, both impact resistance and compressive strength are five times that of toughened glass. Even if the glass is broken, the pieces of single piece or double piece of glass will tightly adhere to the PVB in laminated safety glass Film, the entire piece of broken glass stand in place, the broken glass surface remains neat and smooth, will not move, but will not shed on the ground, will not cause harm to people or the surrounding objects.

However, the high price is the most important reason why it is difficult to popularize tempered glass shower rooms over a long period of time. Many people think that the shower room is a high-profit product. In fact, from the production of accessories to the manufacture , All need to spend a lot of manpower and resources, the gross margin is not what people think.

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