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What kind of shower room good shower room

Jun 19, 2015

1, shower room according to the structure can be divided into boxes, semi-rimless and rimless of three types:

(1) has box shower room: metal box main for aluminum box or stainless steel material, Board tablets is for tempered glass or PS (Polystyrene, polystyrene) material, purchase Shi need attention its surface whether has scraping injury, box material combined at whether key collection, outside box above whether has ending plastic or metal cover Board, switch whether smooth, directly effect waterproof effect of door at and the gate tablets between whether fire and the magnet article design and so on.

(2) semi frameless showers: outside the box is made of stainless steel or aluminium alloy frame material, plate glass.

(3) No box shower: consists of hinges, clip combining, shearing force and tempered glass, due to its frameless design, this design required high requirement for wall materials and verticality, such as light compartment or bathroom, and if the hinges are design, which cannot be installed, or safety concerns.

2, tempered glass: most people think the glass is better than glass, it is misunderstood. In Western countries call the former Tenpered Glass or Toughened Glass are the same. Because of its intensity determined are 4~5 times more than ordinary glass. However, be aware that some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, heat strengthened glass or heat-strengthened glass, the strength of only 1~2 times that of ordinary glass, and the burst with ordinary glass is no different. Cannot be compared with the former. Used glass shower door needed to achieve safety glass standard, namely through the rear impact test temperature failure test can be applied. In addition, most people think the thicker the glass, the better, but to pass former tests, thin glass instead of product service life (heavier burden on the pulley and the hinges of glass bigger) and safety. Generally, a framed glass door 3~5mm tempered glass, frameless glass 6~8mm glass is enough.

3, and surface processing: General shower frames material of metal surface can is divided into coated loaded (powder body or liquid) and the plating, regardless of used which species process needed understand its coated loaded film thickness, and hardness, and brightness, attached degrees, and the has no through resistance thick salt fog and the chemical test, for its loaded in bathroom in the temperature high and regular using chemical supplies Yu which, so for metal surface processing not lightly.

4, where manufacturers and after-sale services: shower room if economic point of view, for a durable fiscal purposes, used daily are required to switch, among adults and children point of application and different things, and personal ups and downs or used improper operation could not achieve the expected service life. However, the shower door is mainly on pulleys and hinge switches, coupled with the combination of plastic and metal parts of the product, if manufacturers or its sales agent can provide professional services for this product, and believes that this group does not become orphaned in the bathroom shower room.

5, types and sizes: each bathroom specifications, sizes, options, both subjective and objective factors need to be considered, in General, the door can be divided into horizontal pull outward opening and folding. Furthermore, unless the shower space is relatively large in the case. Should be avoided in the folded, so as to avoid accidents when someone showers, and prevents the door from opening, which regrettably what happened.