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What material is better for bathroom door?

May 13, 2017

What material is better for bathroom door?

For toilet decoration, the door moisture resistance and deformation resistance is particularly important, bathroom door with what good?

Under normal circumstances, the bathroom door because of different materials, can be divided into the following three kinds, come together to see their advantages and disadvantages:

1. plastic door

Advantages: Waterproof strong, cheap, dozens of blocks to two hundred have.

Disadvantages: plastic doors of their own visual effects, grades are relatively low, many small restaurants on this kind of door, and it is easy to change color, deformation.

2. aluminum alloy door advantages: all aluminum alloy doors have a characteristic, that is, waterproof strong, anti deformation ability is relatively strong. Disadvantages: Aluminum Alloy door because the material is not the same, the texture and appearance of the bedroom door is not the same, not too good, especially for some of the family is a lot of European or Chinese ah ah, wood and antique things is not too much for the. 3. wooden door advantages: wooden door is the biggest advantage and bedroom door texture consistent, from the perspective of beauty is the strongest.

Disadvantages: wooden doors waterproof and deformation resistance is less than the aluminum alloy door. And the waterproof of solid wood door is still stronger, craft door is close. When it comes to a wooden door as the bathroom door, please do not pay attention to the surface of PVC film door paint is not used in the bathroom, because no good waterproof paint film, moisture into the substrate is easy to cause the bubble deformation. Door to door is not the center, but the door and the door frame, Never mind, and so do the bathroom door the door, will be replaced by wood or wood line line, this when we set out the best wooden bathroom door.

To sum up, bathroom doors if the decoration style is not very high, bathrooms are relatively small, requiring a minimalist style, it is best to use aluminum alloy door. But if the style and matching the requirements of relatively high or European or natural or antique, then still have to use wooden doors, Mentao line to just use solid wood or wood.

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