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Aluminium Profiles For Shower, Walk In Shower Industry Front-line

Jun 19, 2015

According to the latest statistical data show that along with the rapid development of the automobile industry, in 2009, China's auto production has reached the world's first domestic car consumption has entered a stage of rapid development, within the next 3 years is expected to be more than 30% growth. Shower room aluminium industry is caused a restructuring boom. Foshan SIG bathroom hardware fittings industry, product structure adjustment in speeding. Spring hinges, concealed hinges, drive lock, multi-point locking device appears, led the entire Windows and doors, cabinets, furniture industry-level upgrade. Basic realization of the high-end product is totally dependent on imported good domestic brand, excellent products of transformation.

At present, the shower room aluminum faces task of transformation and upgrading, and the transformation and upgrading of product structure adjustment as an important link in helping push hardware business forward, I believe, more and more hardware companies will realize the strategic significance of product structure adjustment.

2010 halfway, published data from view, encouraging China's hardware industry data have come out of the doldrums. Foshan SIG bathroom not only skillfully grasping opportunities, Chinese hardware town Danyang 2009 taste of product structure adjustment of business opportunities.

2010 has been largely published data from view, encouraging China's hardware industry data have come out of the doldrums. For example, a shower House aluminum output of 7 billion in the first half, 1-June exports had amounted to $ 182 million. In addition benefit from recovery in the world economy, Chinese metal companies also benefited from the adjustment of product structure.

It is learnt that, in the face of financial crisis, shower room aluminum products industry structure adjustment as metal tools is one of the most important ways to resist economic cold wave. It is understood that the shower room aluminum's main export market is the United States and Europe. Because the United States effects of the subprime crisis, the real estate market suffered a big blow, ordinary people do not buy houses, no decoration, but to professional markets for high-end products is not significant. Shower room aluminum materials hence reducing the proportion of low-end products to enhance the proportion of high-end products.

In bathroom hardware industry also exists products structure adjustment phenomenon, to taps for cases: originally are is spiral lifting type of, sealed sex poor "run, and take, and drops, and leak" serious, in environmental health and water performance Shang are exists defects, with industry development, technology progress, this a products has gradually was eliminated, high-tech integrated of ceramic sealed valve core type of single joint, and double joint, and triple taps and thermostat, constant pressure taps one by one came out, taps, and shower room glass, and aluminum material, and water key sex achieved has completely of upgrade, security replacement.