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Bathroom Door, Shower Door To Buy Skills And Knowledge

Sep 02, 2015

The shower door is arranged in the water curtain in the bathroom. Custom shower doors that in accordance with the requirements of customers customized shower room door, is generally based on toughened glass door, divided into push and pull and pulley type two.
Custom shower door classification
According to the different styles, can be divided into: landing type, corner landing type, arc type, S type, space capsule, diamond, rectangular, etc.
One, pay attention to material. In general, aluminum alloy frame, PS plate panel, with glass and acrylic materials. In addition to the shape of the folding, but also according to the scene design. The panel surface of transparent and opaque two, opaque and divided into water lines, water lines, pear patterns and transparent are tempered glass panel and the glass should be more than 4 mm or more. Choice of opaque acrylic material to see panel is easy to rupture, more high-grade shower doors more to strengthen the glass panel with to open type bath door.
Two, the connecting sliding door track. If the plastic slide, will soon lose cracking derailment, open free function. Good sliding door track is copper, pulley is made of nylon material, this push and pull together smooth and durable, should also be attention to aluminum frame and panel and closed orbit seamless. Otherwise, the long push pull switch collision easy to make the door piece loose.
Third, pay attention to design details: shower doors have been gradually with the humanized design, the aggregate is meticulous, round the corner, edge is also pay attention to, no track under the door, the wheelchair can enter directly, more in line with modern people emphasize the exquisite quality of life.