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China's Ten Major Shower Room Brand Told You Stand Or Lie Wash Wash?

Aug 07, 2016

An analysis is as follows

Parameter shower bath tub

Relatively low prices relatively high

Water consumption is relatively low

Comfort is generally high

Purchase point

"Shower room will not explode, often is the details of the decision. When selecting a product, be sure to look carefully.

One, glass to explosion-proof

The quality of the glass is very critical, ordinary glass can not be used to make a shower room, be sure to use tempered glass, and it is best to follow the following 5 aspects:

1, there is a 3C certification mark, with a laser directly printed on the glass for the better, such as China's ten major shower room brand Elizabeth's shower room with such a sign;

2, tempered glass thickness of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other specifications, the general 8mm - 6mm on it, too thin or too thick are not necessary to use;

3, before the installation can check the edges of the glass is not damaged, chamfering grinding the edge is smooth, problematic products after installation occurred self destruct probability will be much larger.

4, experts have said "good shower room will have three thousandths of the explosive rate", so the conditional best in the glass paste a layer of explosion-proof membrane, even if there is a real problem, glass fragments will adhesion in the film, not be splashed to injure people, now many businesses provides film services, will be charged a fee. The film also has the good or bad, do not yield to the temptation of cheap chose substandard.

5, usually use should pay attention to, do not force the shower room glass, often check the shower room, regular replacement of aging parts, found that there is a problem must be repaired in time.

If you pay attention to these problems mentioned above, the possibility of the shower room will be greatly reduced the possibility of exposure, it is recommended that we have the conditions can be attached to the film, which is responsible for the safety of the family.

Two, aluminum should be strong

In the case of a box with a shower room, aluminum is the basis of it, must be strong and durable, or the first pass would not be.

Poor aluminum thickness only 0.7mm-1.1mm mostly made for saving the cost recovery of waste aluminum, surface trachoma, pinhole, lines, color slants dark, soft texture, easily deformed or broken, used at home difficult to clean, easy to rust, easily lead to shower room blew. Good aluminum material is not only strict control, the surface will be a multi layer treatment, the coating is strong, bright color, no corrosion, and the thickness will be in 1.2mm-1.5mm, and some even reach 2mm.

Three, smooth slide

"Slide, often is the culprit causing shower room blew, poor quality slide pull hard, you pull hard glass stress are prone to explosions. We should choose a slide track smooth, long service life, regular replacement.

Four, handle to be safe

Handle of "shower room is best not too abrupt, especially the elderly, children, the bath is installed on a handle of edges and corners too clear can be home. So it is better to choose a round of the switch to be smoothly, not difficult. Some people also used to place a towel on the shower room handle, you can choose a style suitable for.