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China Shower Room Top Brand: XUTE Bring Comfortable Bathing Experience

May 30, 2017

There was a reporter in the online public questionnaire, the world's most comfortable thing is, and the result is nearly 80%, the net friend's answer is: "eat and drink". In fact, according to relevant experts, the most comfortable things in the world should be sleeping, going to the toilet and taking a bath. The three things most comfortable, two occurred in the toilet, but the toilet is why most people do not want to go with it? The traditional toilet, dirty smelly damp, bad environment! Ten top brand shower room with living room, bedroom Furui, grade requirements of bath room, break the traditional, let the bath room with a living room, bedroom warmth and luxury, bring comfortable bathing experience.


An intelligent shower room with a heart to heart enjoyment

The bath is one of the most comfortable, but there are still so many people do not love bathing, especially the elderly and children are too lazy to take a bath, why? The reason is because the traditional toilet dirty smelly, shower bath to bring real aspirations of people cannot enjoy. Ten shower room top luxury brand XUTE, full automatic intelligent, dedicated four kinds of patterns of water easy conversion, water and air combined produce large amounts of "air vitamin" reputation of the negative ion, rinse fatigue, soothe nerves!


Dream: water on rainforest shoulder, let you stay in the city, still can feel like dripping from the tropical rain forest.

Slow streams: long and exquisite water from the top of the head Everfount slide, like a gentle finger gently massage the body, wash away the weary.

Passion falls: free and unrestrained, let passion bloom along the way, let the vitality with space, is the best choice of shower dreamer.

Hand shower model: intelligent control, flexible conversion, top spray and hand shower each other induction, just pick up hand shower, top spray water automatically switch to handheld water, simplify and comfortable


A soothing and relaxing new experience

XUTE shower room will be the perfect combination of art and technology, pay attention to the whole shower room comfort and every detail, carefully interpret the high quality life style, to create a comfortable shower space free, natural, elegant and romantic, elegant and luxurious. Take off the day tired and exhausted, flying hearts in a relaxed mood, body wash, with water wanton wandering behavior, unhurried impatient, like French women drink red wine like grace; just perfect light and shadow, and, like a sports car in the prairie like heart fly; opening and closing smoothly quiet, smooth touch ceramic like feel like. Beautiful shape, create a warm visual enjoyment, or as if in the sky like a vast, looked eyeful stars; or into the embrace of nature, see butterflies whirling about; or through a medieval castle, such as the knight chic.


XUTE shower room is powerful, beautiful appearance, for consumers to create a stylish, comfortable, elegant, warm shower space, interpretation of a high quality lifestyle.