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Custom Hotel Home Furnishing Shower Screen Door Glass Self-cleaning Whole Bathroom Real Factory Wholesale

Jul 11, 2017

The company brings together a group with shower room industry for many years of work experience, technology, research and development, production management and sales of the elite team, with years of industry experience in manufacturing and sales, is committed to research and development direction of the concept of terminal industry, can clearly understand and meet customer needs and expectations. As a professional brand of shower room, its products have become fashionable elements for many users to show their way of life in the bathroom space, show their personality, taste and self individuality. Wei long bath bathroom products: shower room, 304 high quality aluminum copper hinge, stainless steel hinge, handle, fine crystal Aluminum Alloy handle, pulley, rod, clamp, stone base, PVC threshold, door stopper, water, pure chrome decorative pieces, pan, we will work with you hand in hand, create success, enjoy success!