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Detailed Steps For Installing Tempered Glass Shower Doors

Jul 06, 2017

Detailed steps for installing tempered glass shower doors

Now most people use shower room at home, how about the installation of shower door? Do you know how to install it?With these questions, now let's introduce how to install the partition door of shower room.

The partition is specifically delimited indoor space do not reach the summit half facade in the renovation process now in many physical partition but by the furniture such as rain, the screen is one of them. Shower partition generally use toughened glass, glass thickness: 6, 8mm. Other materials can be made of crystal partitions and sanitary partitions of various composite materials, such as lightweight, high strength polyester honeycomb panel materials.

Any goods are beautiful and durable, it is a law, so in the choice of styles, beautiful to also consider durable and practical products, there are many goods in appearance, durability for the time.


The disadvantages of the conventional shower suite are not in the shower door, but in the base, including brand goods, all have the same shortcoming. Shower room base with acrylic and acrylic materials manufacturing, in damp places prone to mildew, after a period of time will burst, a better base for 3 durable time about 4 years, a little difference is about 1 - 2 years. In addition, the drain hose under the base is easy to plug. In particular, women's long hair is easily deposited in drains. In addition, suit the shower room size is fixed, the internal space is small, the shower will cause a lot of inconvenience, so set the shower room is not ideal, you really need, do not try to use.


It is recommended that you use the straight shower screen, the size is unlimited, you can make full use of the space, rarely appear above. There are many on the market of the shower screen style, you can choose according to their actual situation, different size should be selected corresponding to the style, width of general toilet in about 1.3 meters - 1.6 meters, two times this size (i.e. within the door can be fixed on one side, the movable side) of less than 1.3 meters should be the three door (three door all stacked in the side) this door benefits in the channel is larger, the total size of the 2/3 door, big enough. And more than 1.6 meters, you should choose four doors (both sides fixed, intermediate activities), although the passage is as big as the two door, but it can be divided into two doors, to reduce the pulley due to the weight of the glass and affect its durability. Other cases should be addressed by professional and technical personnel.


Shower door installation is also very important, generally not Restroom ground level, individual Restroom ground inclination is large, although the installation can be adjusted to raise one side or pulley leveling, but it may not smooth, or there will be automatic slide, after a period of time there will be magnetic gap and Water Leakage.

Suggest you installed in the shower screen position (on the ground) with a 6 7cm width, total length and width of the shower door like marble to adjust the ground level, in the beautiful degree than directly to the shower door on good ground installation.

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