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Family Shower Room Selection And Installation Considerations

Jun 30, 2017

Common styles

Currently on the market is the most common corner shower is a major glyph two.

Vertical corner shower : from the shape of a square , curved , diamond-shaped ; structural points have sliding doors , folding doors, pivot doors , etc. ; way to enter the sub- horned into the formula to enter and one-sided , corner to enter the formula the biggest feature is better use of limited bathroom area , expand usage, common square diagonal can make better use of limited bathroom area , expand usage, common shower square diagonal , curved shower rooms, shower rooms are diamond-shaped is such a case , the application of more styles.


A shaped bath screen : Some Room narrower , but the head of the household or a bathtub bit reluctant choice with bath and shower screen when using a multi- shaped shower screen .

Bath tub on the screen : Many households have installed a bathtub , shower and yet are often used for taking into account both, which can also be produced on the screen bath tub , a tub -shaped shortened by a general or full- folded form is more common, but costly and uneconomical.


Space Design

In general , the use of relatively corner shower room to save space , suitable for a quarter of an arc -shaped shower doors installed in the corner of the bathroom area , but also to take advantage of the corner area is not very good deal . But beware before you install , each en suite bathroom to arrange a good location, and then install the shower and shower door at right angles , so as not to feel awkward, and full use of the space. Fit straight corner shower door installation , in addition to circular shape , there are "L" shaped, size shower base has a variety of specifications , first measure the exact size of a good installation location before installing , taking down the location and size of the outlet .


Scientific selection

Generally , Asians height, body type , suitable for use 90 cm × 90 cm above the shower room, the space is too small will be very small , physically difficult stretch. And in the size, the same is 90 cm × 90 cm in size , L shaped arcuate area than the area to be larger. Consumers in the purchase decision based on personal preferences and bathroom inside the actual situation . Another shaped shower door and a floor- shaped tub shower doors are relatively common. Since the construction is relatively simple, so the price is relatively cheap. On sizes , a shaped shower doors more flexible, can be customized according to the size of the bathroom or bathtub length.