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Four Optional Shower Room Precautions

Jun 29, 2017

Summer, scorching outside , rushed home showers , became particularly pleasant thing. However , the purchase can not be blindly shower room , but also stay a few eye .

Note 1:

Bathroom shower area determines the shape

Shower room shape is generally symmetrical arc sector , as well as square, diamond-shaped , etc., there are sliding doors , folding doors, pivot doors , etc., to enter the way of horned into the formula to enter or one-sided , angular style into the most important feature can expand usage, better use of limited bathroom area , is used more style, choose the shape of the shower room to refer to the size and direction of the bathroom .


Note 2:

"Three noes" products can not be bought

Shower room, main material for the glass, a large difference in quality tempered glass , authentic glass carefully to see if vague pattern . Optional shower must buy from formal channels , depending on the brand , the price can not be freeloaders , some advertised high-end shower room, looks beautiful , a lot of features, it is the "three noes" products , poor quality especially easy rust , heat is also not ranked , and even the glass will burst occurs .


Note 3:

Steam function shower warranty

Buy shower room with steam function should be concerned about the steam engine and the computer control panel . If the steam engine off, however, does not take much time you have bad . In addition, computer control panel is also the core parts of the shower room . As the shower room are all the function keys on the computer board , once the computer board problem , the whole shower room can not be enabled , therefore, be sure to ask when buying computer board the steam engine and the warranty time .


Note 4:

Chassis plate is environmentally friendly

Shower chassis texture into fiberglass, acrylic, three kinds of diamond , diamond fastness of the best , easy to clean dirt . Currently, shower panels used mainly acrylic, saying there are a number of composite acrylic glass plates used contain formaldehyde, easy air pollution. Finds way : If acrylic plate on the back and front different , rough, belongs composite acrylic panels.