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How shower industry under the new situation, "the international arena"

Jun 19, 2015

The shower products that people use, often do not pay attention to the tones deploy, sometimes only emphasize the appearance of white jade. But its cool color made many people feel uncomfortable. Now, it is generally recognized is the diversity of colors and tones appearance.

Shower room industry continues to develop innovative, shower room new features of the product are also very good, so after fighting in the international market and solid and rapid development, our shower industry finally stepped on the world stage, by international shower room walk and sit up. At present, China has become the world's largest shower-producing country, various range of shower products are exported to the international market, and the growth momentum continued bullish situation is gratifying. Recently, after getting the new international trade fair for shower room shower product samples, as well as the current shower product analysis and research on the developing trends. In the year 2010 and subsequent years, faced new demands of the international market continues to change, shower industry developments will present the following characteristics.

According to international standards of shower room access request, shower products exports have reached ISO90000 international quality system certification. Also, there are international standard adopted certification, us certification and many other States recognized product labeling and standards. If it were to export directly to Europe and other Western countries, you also have to watch their product standards, and the requirements related to barriers to trade, at any time and change. Must continue to enhance shower product technology content of exports, continue to improve the grade and added value of export products. Such as introduction of new shower room technologies, such as nano-antibacterial ceramic technology, production technology of green products, and develop a new generation of new high-end products to meet domestic and international market demand, which is beneficial for high-end products into the international market. This trend will remain for quite some time. So, shower products manufacturer in the organization prior to new product development and expanding exports, should attach great importance to this character.

Current concepts of shower products, far to break through the conventional wisdom of the past. As a symbol of modern luxury living supplies, it goes into every aspect of people's lives. Not only have health and cleaning functions, should also include health-care function and appreciate the features and entertainment. In terms of function, only occurs on the washing of sanitary ware products on Rotary impact type, quiet, oblique thrust, in straight sets, siphon, Jet type, and so on. Sanitary ware products styling appear conjoined, and basin series, one-piece toilet, bidet, squat-style player, urinal, MOP basin, column or table wash-basin. In recent years, the showers ware also introduced additional traffic calming bath, Cabinet basin, sauna room, features a series of complementary products. Therefore, the shower room of the future market will be showing a variety of trends are self-evident.

Little furniture, furniture can be used for trivial things facial wash Cup, toothbrush, razor, are cleverly hidden behind the mirror, as well as other life-cycle can be slightly longer washing cleaning supplies neatly collection in the basin below in the sleepover. Plus the whole shower, can pull out of the double sense of space.