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How To Choose Shower Room

Sep 02, 2015

Buy Shower room need to consider the following factors:
1, can not be the price of cheap. Must buy the production with detailed factory name, site and product certificate of products. Generally in large building materials supermarket to buy the brand product quality will be guaranteed.
2, the color pattern should be coordinated with the bathroom decoration style. Shower room shapes are generally divided into three categories: one shaped, circular arc, diamond shaped. The majority of consumers like transparent toughened glass shower room, the product itself and ambient mix of strong, to clean and generous feelings, while increasing the permeability of the toilet, if you choose toughened glass printing process, such as, to reduce the permeability of the bathroom feeling, the bathroom space is smaller; but there are also some old people or traditional, Gyrosigma fancy shower room, like the appearance of the cloth, a monotonous, but opaque, the biggest benefit is take a shower, and can use the toilet family. But with the improvement of people's life quality, even if you can't see the person who can't see the bath, also won't use the bathroom in the bathroom, so this kind of glass surface treatment to make its opaque way has very few people choose.
3, identify material. Shower room advocate material is made of toughened glass, tempered glass quality difference is bigger, counterfeit toughened glass there is a big security risk, toughened glass from the outside to watch with ordinary glass no difference, the difference of toughened glass and ordinary glass there are only two ways: one is to look at the glass a corner falls on whether firing up 3C logo and brand, the second is destroying the glass after watching fragments are present granular and non flake.