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How To Clean The Shower Room

Jun 29, 2017

Shower room after a period of time, which often filth, following the newspaper to introduce you to a few simple ways to remove these stains. 

1, clever use of newspaper to remove dirt 

The old newspapers floating on a hot water bath to gently pull the spread of the state, will be able to pick up the joint on the hair floating in water or dirt. 

silding door usa.jpg

2, wash room with stockings 

When cleaning bath. Available crumpled old stockings instead of brushes. Kang water gently rub the dirt can be removed without using detergents. Because the thin mesh will not scratch the room. 

59-74inch 6mm.jpg

3, spray clean dirt bath cover 

This is to remove the shower room covered with scale, black and other dirt skills. First spray liquor diluted with water, can be to remove dirt, drilling confusion, smell. Job to pay attention to ventilation.