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How To Maintain All Kinds Of Shower Room?

Aug 07, 2016

First, the maintenance of tempered glass

First, do not use sharp objects to fight or impact the surface of the glass, so as to avoid damage;

Two is not to use the day that water type corrosive liquid to wipe the glass surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss;

Three is not to use the rough material to wipe the glass surface, in order to avoid scratches.

Two, aluminum alloy frame maintenance

Electrostatic spraying products (referring to the color of white, bone, blue, yellow, red, purple and other solid spray). First, we should prevent sun direct and prolonged sun exposure, because the resin materials and chromophore powder has the photosensitized reflect, cause spray layer fade; secondly not corrosive liquids or materials to wipe; third cannot use coarse materials, including toothpaste, wipe the surface, the fourth not with sharp objects characterizing surface. If the aluminum surface stains, please use a neutral detergent to clean water after cleaning.

Colored oxidation products (refer to gold, silver, silver, brushed silver surface coloring): this kind of product relative to the electrostatic coating products not easily fade, but its poor hardness, so in particular, can not use rough material to wipe the surface, cannot use more sharp objects characterize surface. If the aluminum surface stains, please use a neutral detergent to clean water after cleaning.

Use and maintenance of three, acrylic shower trays

Do not use sharp objects or strike acrylic surface, so as to avoid damage;

Two corrosive liquids do notpaintwater like wiping the surface of acrylic, so as not to damage the surface gloss;

Three is not to wipe the surface of acrylic with rough materials, to avoid scratches;

Four, what is the electrostatic powder?

Electrostatic powder spraying, also known as solid spray, the resin base material (solid powder), the electrostatic spraying adsorbed on the surface of the aluminum, after high-temperature baking melt is fixed in a process of the aluminum surface. It has the advantages of non-toxic, no smell, no pollution, bright color, strong customer selectivity. At present, many products such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines and other surfaces are using this process.

Five, gold, silver shower room is the color of the plating it?

The color of gold, silver, silver, silver, silver and other shower room is not formed by electroplating process, but a kind of surface treatment technology which is suitable for aluminum profile. Anodic oxidation coloring. In front of the oxidation coloring. If the first polishing to make the aluminum surface reach a certain brightness, out of materials approximation in stainless steel, we call the silver, if the material surface sand treatment after oxidation coloring, known as silver sand; if the material surface after wire drawing processing and coloring, we call for silver wire drawing. Due to the use of the process of aluminum produced by the shower room has a metal texture, so favored by customers.

Six, what is the tempered glass tempered glass? Why there is explosive phenomenon?

In general, the use of the shower room glass is the use of physical processing of the processing of tempered glass, that is, the glass after heating up to a certain temperature after the sudden cooling process. Tempered glass changes the crystal structure of the glass, improve the surface hardness, the impact strength of the glass, bending strength than ordinary glass to improve 3-5 times. When the external force impact damage, small pieces of glass is no angle, the extent of damage to the human body decreased significantly. However, the shortcomings of tempered glass is a small part of the whole of the glass as a whole is not careful, (including the edge, angle) is not only a part of the ordinary glass, but the whole piece of broken.

Toughened glass in the production process, due to certain factors causing pressure does not mean will immediately blasted; or completion of the product due to inner and outer glass pressure force failed to average and was not shown, through products in a dynamic reflects the phenomenon of exploding itself; or in the external factors influence, such as in the glass installation force does not mean and hard immediate roof pressure glass surface will appear the phenomenon of exploding itself. So the glass physical tempered will have it there.

Seven, how to order the size of their own shower room?

Shower room size by open width restrictions can not be done is very small, at the same time by the limitation of the safety, can not exceed the size limit. Customers can order their own satisfactory products under the guidance of local dealers.