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How To Shop For Shower Room

Jun 19, 2015

1, home bathroom space is too small how to shower? Special order specifications match the fan-shaped shower screen partition or a font.

2, how to buy fashion color design? Aluminum color with tile in the bathrooms, sanitary ware color coordination match. Glass pattern dominated by simple styles,

3, how to buy a solid security product? Aluminum thickness is adequate, and examining force structure design is reasonable, glass or frame stability less shaking. chemical composition of aluminum is scientific and rational, the tensile strength and yield strength are met, chemical properties, physical properties, mechanical properties of GB. Golden Gulf aluminium is currently used in Japan standard.

4, how to identify glass? Due to General glass and tempered security glass in appearance Shang hard eye difference, so many not responsible of manufacturers to low price sales and used price low of General glass to making shower room, undoubtedly buried has a time bomb in bathroom within, so to select reputation good, brand consciousness strong, after-sales service has guarantees of manufacturers. tempered glass of hardness, strength than General glass high 10 times times above, gold Bay shower room of glass used 3C logo, through gb9963-1998,gb17841-1999 standard

5, election hinges are rail-mounted shower? The two products each have their advantages and disadvantages, hinge type cleaner, more transparent, and slightly less good cleaning effect, space; track shower room is more stable, retaining better cleaning and maintenance complex, is more economical in the bathroom space.

6, choose what kind of hinge? Hinge styles, some manufacturers use plastic or aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, Golden Bay selection of manufacturers, and material fine, after 72 hours of salt spray test of pure copper hinge, hinge copper corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, long life, strong loading capacity, not aging, lead, environmental health,

7, tub with shower room? Install screens on television, or mounted above the shower in the bath to bath and heat water.

How about 8, after-sales service guarantee? Market Shang shower room brand range, but has real can implementation to quality guarantee of products does not more, market has part brand of sales points, strength insufficient, no Lee business, low price dumping, closed turned, is all quality guarantee are is talk. Gold Bay products of after-sales service by manufacturers unified monitoring, steering the distribution points pay implementation. when sales points cannot as scheduled implementation, by gold Bay manufacturers unified management. Let customer security purchase, assured using. warranty of products can enjoy from charge of artificial service, Parts after the warranty period only material expense. Golden Bay factory headquarters Customer Center Web pages can be found in the address bar, also in the big building materials Web site.