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New Industry Opportunities Are Hard To Get Competitive Enterprises Stand Out

Jun 19, 2015

With the improvement of housing environment, as the shower room of China's emerging industries industry since the advent of the 90 's, in a few short years, has been rapid development. Shower room also from past of single varieties, formed has from General shower room, and steam shower room, and shower screen, and sauna room, multiple big class Shang hundreds of varieties products series specifications; products function increasingly complete, widely application has computer intelligent technology, not only can automatically temperature, and automatically timing, and automatically control temperature, and has communications, and audio, and LCD displayed, and sauna massage many function, became consumers essential of products. According to incomplete statistics, existing shower manufacturers nationwide reached more than 1000 companies, enterprises with a certain scale more than 300 companies, mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions. Appeared a number of annual output of statistics has reached hundreds of millions of businesses.

According to Zhang Dongli, Director of the China National Hardware Association introduces, in recent years, the rapid rise in real estate, has a shower room industry with a stable of consumer groups, especially the generation born of the 670, due to strong economic strength, consumer awareness forward, is becoming the current market purchase. It is such a huge market space, attract foreign sanitary ware manufacturer's attention, accelerating fierce competition in this area. It is understood that the world many famous bathroom brands such as Kohler, American standard, Moen has entered China, hopes to share a piece of cake on the promising Chinese market, some foreign manufacturers have their procurement focus, production and research and development facilities to China.

Shower manufacturer in China to be outdone, a number of enterprises compete with international big constantly enriched and the accumulation of experience, in particular, pay attention to and strengthen technology innovation, new product development, product structure adjustment and market at home and abroad, many enterprises have passed ISO9001 and ISO9002 international quality system certification. Apollo (China) Limited is the first to introduce advanced foreign technologies and developed leisure ware products manufacturers, has passed Germany TUV certification, become the only access to leisure ware products "national exemption product" title of the enterprise. Hangzhou Follett plastic development company in the shower room designs and accessories has won a number of design patents, its products reach the international product specifications.

Strong export growth, is another reflection of our shower room products in the international market of knowledge and the enhancement of international competitiveness. It is understood that last year, shower products in China's export growth has been 25% to 30%, exports from the previous Middle East, Russia and other places expanded to Europe and other countries and regions.

Zhang Dongli told reporters that in order to cultivate and build brand shower room industry in China to promote products to the world, China National Hardware Association has applied for 3 consecutive years for shower products are included in the national list of brand-name products, but since there are more industry manufacturers, concentration is not high because of the brand, has not been achieved. To further complement the national implementation of the brand strategy, fostering brand concentration, enhancing the market competitiveness of shower room brand-name products, China National Hardware Association in the shower room of the "shower room ten famous brands of China" featured review.