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Jul 10, 2017

Glass shower room in favor of a certain degree of local consumers, when the elders pick the shower room for newly married couple, also focused on the glass shower room. Plate shower than "weightless" aluminum, glass shower room is the use of materials. But the Shanghai market wood species to glass shower clear, market supervision and powerful. Among 166 under wood things, alias and commonly known as the wood of the callout is not allowed. And together with the origin be clearly marked on signs in the commodity. Enabling consumers to purchase more safe and reliable.

6mm 59.jpg

But the styles and colors of glass shower room too moderate, does not meet the aesthetic orientation of young people, became its criticism to gain more market share. 51 Eve visited stores mainly engaging in glass shower room, with pine and ash as a representative of colored glass shower room has a tendency to increase, there are new directions in glass shower room. Meanwhile, in the field of children's shower room wooden combines styles are flattering. Parents favor glass shower room and children's tendency to look interesting psychological characteristics of plate shower room, some well-known children's shower room with glass materials, carving, aluminum handle details such as place, makes the entire product is durable, beautiful detail. Light coloured wood and wood combined with the use of technology, color dull style wooden glass shower room bursts of wind was blowing off the market.