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Shower Room And Bathtub

May 13, 2017

Shower room and bathtub

The bathtub and shower room, bathroom sanitary ware as the biggest, we choose to be very careful, now on the market all kinds of bath, shower room products which will cause us to buy a superb collection of beautiful things, there are many difficulties, small bath and shower room share purchase key points, to help you choose to the satisfaction of the sanitary ware products.

Options for tub selection: materials and sizes to be considered

Bathtubs in the choice of the process, first of all to see its material. Now, the market is basically the most used acrylic board. Acrylic plate by high temperature, heat resistance, load-bearing good.

When choosing a bathtub, make sure that the size is right and that which position is placed in order to determine the water level of the bath, the inlet and the sewer line.

Optional power supply for bathtub: pay attention to the protection of motor and socket

General surfing bathtub, Jacuzzi need power. When choosing a bathtub, check that the bathtub is completely disengaged from the water level, operate independently or independently. Surfing bathtubs usually have waterless protection.

Check whether the socket is protected, the switch will automatically reset or automatically trip, so as to avoid damage during use.

Shower room to buy, look at the sprinkler: pay attention to inspection, washing function and regulation function

To choose a more soft silica gel, in the process of use will not block water, water effect is average, relatively soft, appear jam, as long as the hand gently press, basically can solve.

Observe the spray function of the shower, the water can be adjusted, as far as possible to reduce the purchase of pure copper shower head. When buying, we should also pay attention to the water pressure used by families. It is suggested that the sensitive sprinkler can be used in the high-rise building.

Shower room to buy the manufacturers: to ensure after-sales service

Domestic shower room, under normal circumstances, height is 1.95 meters, marble 10 centimeters below, above the shower room is 1.85 - 1.9 meters, the shower room above to allow partial room for ventilation. Shower room recommends the use of toughened glass, installation, pay attention to whether marble stone can be embedded, the installation is smooth.

Before buying, a simple understanding of the manufacturers. Confirm whether the product has 3C certification, UNPROFOR, to ensure after-sales service.

The bathroom is the space we must use every day. We can't be careless when we fill it. We have all kinds of sanitary ware should be careful to treat, choose good sanitary ware, convenience to our life, make our life easier.

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