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Shower Room Hanging Door Decorating The Compulsory Courses

Jun 19, 2015

Required course for shower hanging door decorating. Renovated are clear: shower room Setup is not in place, again well decorated also in vain. Recently, the Guangdong shower from industry experts, CEOs, and leading enterprises of domestic shower hanging door material, around the shower room moisture of Interior engineering design and construction, hidden engineering shower leak new techniques and materials using hot-button issues like environmental protection and energy saving shower room, shower room design for an in-depth, professional exchange of experience and discussion.

Home shower costs how much?

Decorating, hydropower and transformation must be made, how much will destroy the original developer do shower. So, shower room decorating must do. As an important part of the home improvement process, using a good shower room materials, skilled construction workers, market price is about 60-100 Yuan/square meter, accounted for the renovation costs about 1%.

The shower area method in calculating home renovation is: bathroom-shower area (square meters) = [(ground perimeter-bathroom door width) x1.8 m (height) + (floor space)], kitchen, shower area (square meters) = [(perimeter-the width of the door the kitchen floor) x0.3 m (height) + (floor area)].

Shower room selection is generally the thicker the better, but the shower room as long as the national acceptance of vandal-resistant glass can be.

Which decorate areas focus on shower installation?

Decoration main bathroom shower install parts of the ground and walls, kitchen, balcony and basement floors and walls. If it is a House on the first floor, all for shower floors, walls should be moisture-proof treatment. In addition, the pipe grooves in the wall have to do shower room accessories customized. Decoration, such as changes to the drainage and sewer or drain location, be sure to install measures in strengthening around the shower room.

Why bathroom shower to 1.8 meters high?

Considering bathroom shower safety effects and shower room. Shower head or nozzle installed at about 1.8 meters high. If the shower doing a low, spraying water-soaked walls for a long time, it could be moldy walls, walls, decorative layer off, lost their shower room effect. In order to strengthen the shower room, or unified 1.8 m, cost not much. Bathroom renovation construction of light by light walls and walls of recommended shower height at the top.