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The Bathroom Door, Shower Door Of Choose And Buy Skills And Knowledge

Jun 30, 2017

Shower Door is a set of watertight curtain in the bathroom . Shower Door that is customized according to customer requirements shower room sliding door , glass door oriented generally divided into two kinds of push-pull pulley .

Shower Door customized classification

Depending on the style , can be divided into : floor type , corner floor type , arc -type , S-type , the capsule type , diamond type , rectangular , etc.


First, pay attention to the material . Generally aluminum alloy frame , PS plate made by the panel , with tempered glass and acrylic materials. In addition to the shape folding , but also according to the site design . The panel surface of the transparent and opaque are two kinds of opaque water can be divided into those lines , drop lines , pear pattern , etc., are all transparent glass panel production , the glass should be more than 4 mm or more. When you select depends on opaque acrylic panel is easily broken material , more upscale shower sliding door with tempered glass panels and more , with the door open style bath .


Second, the sliding rail connection . If you use plastic rails will soon crack derailment , loss of open freely function. Good sliding door track is made of copper , nylon pulley is so smooth and durable sliding up , should also pay attention to whether the aluminum frame and siding with the closed orbit seamless . Otherwise, the long-term impact is easy to make the switch sliding door piece loose.


Third, pay attention to design details : Shower Door gradually with user-friendly design , the aggregate than the detail, close round the corner , but also pay attention to the revenue side , sliding door without rail , direct access to a wheelchair , more in line with the modern emphasis on fine living goods needs.