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The Scale Of Shower Room Glass Doors How To Remove?

Aug 07, 2016

The scale of shower room glass doors how to remove?

  1. For the bathroom door always let we struggled with the scale, the simplest and most practical method is vinegar and salt for a mixed, then directly with the brush brush can be, so that you can quickly see the glass door of the glamorous life. Or use toothpaste on the glass door gently brushing it, and then carefully and gently scrub, then wash with warm water.

  2. For the bathroom door on the scale can also be choose glass cleaner, directly sprayed on the door, with a dry cloth can be is your beautiful new life. You need to pay attention to a point, and other hardware small parts do not use cleaning agent, the liquid will direct corrosion of metal surface, the hardware (hardware decoration effect diagram) as far as possible with dry dishcloth direct dry can.

  3. Remove dust with a wet cloth, wipe with a paper directly, because the ink on the paper can be better to repair and clean the glass, so the glass bathroom door will not leave a trace of water.