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Tips For Renovating Bathrooms

Sep 09, 2017

Tips for renovating bathrooms

The bathroom is where people wash away their tired places and relieve the stresses of their day's work. Therefore, people now pay more and more attention to the decoration and layout of bathrooms.

In addition to using the excellent transformation bathroom, bathroom and other related floor tiles, ceiling, bathroom and other places, is to focus attention; but apart from these "hardware" equipment, design and construction are indispensable elements of bathroom renovation.

Surface waterproof: there are many kinds of waterproof materials. The most popular waterproof material is waterproof agent. Water proofing layer to be set to the wall above about twenty cm, at least not lower than the threshold level.

Tile laying tiles: there are three essentials: first, to about one percent of the water slope, slope toward the floor drain; second floor tile to the same thickness, and to reach out and wall tiles; third, the wall brick bath before the tiling, the first floor tiles affixed to the wall below. Then the wall brick, which break to avoid.

Wash the table: wash the table can not choose only one surface of the surface of the plastic shell, because only the surface of the plastic shell of the table, once damaged, that can not be repaired. In addition, the joint of the countertop and washbasin must be filled with caulking agent to prevent water from seeping out of the joint.

Toilet: install the toilet in general, not to fix the toilet with cement mortar filling, using this method, the fixed toilet will not be able to disassemble, if encountered pipeline serious obstruction, knocking out only

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