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Want To Buy Simple Shower Room? You Have To Get To Know It First!

Aug 07, 2016

One, what is the simple shower room?

Simple shower room is a simple structure, the space is simple, clear and full of fashion shower room, because of its simple, comfortable, clean shower experience.

Simple shower room is the difference in the category of the whole shower room, simple shower room without roof ", rich in style, the basic structure is at the end of the basin or artificial stone bottom Hom or natural stone floor Kan, the bottom basin texture has ceramics, acrylic, artificial stone, bottom ridge or the bottom of the basin installed plastic or steel and glass shower room, toughened glass door with tempered glass, tempered glass quality, water ripple toughened glass and wove toughened glass material, simple shower room structure is relatively simple, some brands can provide custom shower room the service.

Two, the characteristics of simple shower room

Simple shower room mostly real body is made of toughened glass, border is aluminium alloy, the bottom pot for acrylic composite or stone base stations and so on. Simple structure simple shower room, bath function is basically complete, in addition to the intelligent shower room designed LED display handle, most of the shower room are no more additional features.

The simple shower room and the whole shower room, the space is relatively independent and simple, transparent feeling strong, does not block the bathroom of the overall tile shop effect. In addition, its price is relative to the overall shower room and other complex products to be much more favorable, but also rich in style, can be customized according to the actual situation of the bathroom shower room. But simple shower room without a roof, the warmth is relatively not very good.