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What Is The Size Of A Shower Room?

May 27, 2017

Standard size of shower room:

1, shower room width: at least to ensure that the use of the body can freely rotate, and will not always hit the glass. General 900mm*900mm is appropriate, if the family is relatively fat, you can also make 1000mm*1000mm, or bathroom space limited, 850mm*850mm can do, but the best is best not less than 800mm*800mm.

2, shower room height: usually the ceiling height is 2400mm, so the shower room height is 1800mm~2000mm, the standard height of 1.95 meters (1950 mm) and 1.9 meters (1900 mm), can also be adjusted according to the height of the family, the actual space, also need to pay attention to and the shower position is too low, easy to water is too high to impede the appearance, effect of permeability.

3, with the heating distance: for the convenience of winter when bathing, you will be installing a heater or Yuba to toilet, if is hanging equipment, it is best not to put near the shower room glass in the shower or, to prevent damp. If you hang on the top, it depends on the size of the bathroom, small space heating equipment on the line in the middle, not necessarily in the shower area, if the space is larger, can put it in the middle of the shower, try not to shower, shower room glass, otherwise not only can not a good heating effect, but also easy to cause aging or explosive products.

The distance between the sanitary ware and other bathroom: often placed compact, often have a shower room beside the bathtub, toilet, bathroom cabinet, to leave the distance about 100mm, otherwise easy to use when the mutual influence and increase the possibility of suicide.

Two. Minimum size of shower room:

1, flat minimum size:

Flat type shower room: divided into aluminum frame and no aluminum border two kinds. A general minimum aluminum frame shower screen can do about 1000mm in space around 500mm; shower screen no aluminum frame easily non standard, such as single time, the minimum can be 500mm, as long as the people in the space, shower screen without aluminum frame can do.

2 square and round minimum size:

Square and round minimum size: 850mm*850mm is reasonable minimum size, under the limit of not less than 800mm*800mm, otherwise it will affect the shower feel.

3. Standard size of rectangular shower room:

A shower room for larger bathrooms, enjoy free bath life fully and delightfully, and very easy to take care of the bathroom, remove dead. Most of the shower brand can be non-standard production, usually rectangular size standard is 1200*800*18501000*800*18501200*800*19501000*800*1880, while the standard square shower room size is 800*1000?, 900*1000?, 1000*1000? Three specifications; these dimensions can stretch freely shower.

If the consumer wants to make a wider size, lengthen, widen, or heighten, it can be customized, the standard height is 1.95 meters (1950 millimeters) and 1.9 meters (1900 millimeters).

Three, arc / diamond shower room size:

1, the standard diamond shower room size: 900*900, 900*1200, 1000*1000, 1200*1200, four specifications;

2, the standard arc fan shower room size is: 900*900, 900*1000, 900*1200, 1000*1000, 1000*1300, 1000*1100, 1200*1200?. The standard shower height is 1.95 meters (1950 millimeters) and 1.9 meters (1900 millimeters).