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What Kind Of Things Do People Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing Shower Room?

May 30, 2017

In the hot summer, the shower room brands are also frequent high-profile appearance, a variety of exhibitions, various shopping malls, businesses are competing to display their own high-end shower room to attract consumers. But to buy Shower room, but there are a lot of confusion, the shower room ten brand XUTE one of the shower room for people to make four point summary of some details need to pay attention to the purchase of the shower, I hope everyone can help.


First, choose the shower room style according to the actual size

We need to determine the actual size of the bathroom to determine the size or regular shower room. There are also standard shower rooms that can be customized by communicating with shower room manufacturers.

Two, the shower room door way

Generally in accordance with the user's personal preferences to choose flat open or push and pull open the door. But they have their own advantages, the advantages of the strong sense of the whole door is transparent, the sense of space, the door switch can adapt to people's habits; the advantages of sliding door is about to push and pull, does not occupy space, Restroom easy arrangement and design, is a small area of the bathroom is the best choice.


Three, shower room price selection

The more arc glass the shower room, the higher the cost price, and the flat glass parts can be customized non-standard


Four, shower room warm function

People need to ensure that the shower room in the shower in the warm, while in the shower with shower room surrounded by the body, the cold wind from the body Restroom will not scratch. Here to teach you a little trick: Yuba heating lamps can be installed on a 500-1000w in the shower room, can make us more warm in the shower. After daily stress work, in a comfortable shower room, the shower pressure can be quickly released through a multi-function shower, which can effectively eliminate fatigue. Hope that through the above introduction, can help you to buy a suitable for their shower room.


XUTE shower room can get a lot of honor, because it has been a craftsman in the heart of excellence in building products. The use of 3C certification through the national and the European BS6206 standard car completely toughened glass, Australia imported aluminum, from production to finished product assembly inspection, in strict quality system under control tube. Regardless of the cost of high-quality raw materials and processing options, all in order to allow consumers worry free to buy, for consumers to create a full range of top bathing experience. Not only to become industry benchmark, but also to allow consumers through XUTE products, recognized shower room, feel the good life and bath, this is the goal of XUTE unremitting struggle.